Soil sealing: a decisive contribution to hospital hygiene

Healthcare, especially facilities such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, face a unique challenge when it comes to flooring. Here, high hygienic standards meet constant mechanical stress. From the constantly frequented hallways to patient rooms, each area has its own special requirements. Day after day, a hospital corridor experiences the passage of heavy equipment, hectic staff activity and the incessant flow of patients and visitors. Despite this enormous load, floors must be spotlessly clean, hygienic and, above all, easy to maintain. A high level of cleanliness is not only a matter of appearance, but also of patient safety.


What are 2-component seals

2-component sealers, often referred to as “2K sealers”, are advanced floor coating systems consisting of two separate components. (Polyurethane resin and hardener) During application, these components are mixed and react chemically with each other, creating an extremely hard, durable and long-lasting coating. They provide floors with protection against mechanical abrasion, chemical attack and other environmental stresses. Thanks to their unique properties, 2K sealers are particularly in demand in areas that are subject to high stresses and have strict hygiene requirements, such as in the healthcare sector.

The superiority of 2K sealing in a health context

Greater layer thickness: In an environment where floors are subject to heavy mechanical loads, increased layer thickness offers significant advantages. Not only does it ensure that the floor lasts longer, it also makes it less susceptible to damage from the constant traffic of staff, patients and equipment. This, in turn, reduces the need for expensive repairs and replacements.
Higher Hardness Level: Hospital corridors and clinical facilities require a floor that can withstand impacts, scratches and wear and tear. A floor with a higher degree of hardness, such as that offered by 2K Sealer, ensures continued performance, even when heavy medical equipment is moved over it.
Chemical Resistance: From disinfectants to various chemicals, healthcare floors must be resistant to a wide range of substances. A sealer that meets this requirement is not only economically beneficial, but also essential to ensure sterility and cleanliness of the facility.

What floor coverings can be sealed?

The possibilities of 2K sealing are diverse and can be applied to a wide range of floor coverings. Whether it is linoleum, PVC, rubber studs, rubber, epoxy resin industrial flooring or PU flow flooring, 2K technology can be effectively used to seal and improve these floors. This extends the service life, improves the appearance and increases resistance to abrasion and chemical substances.

Sealings in OP’s

In the sensitive areas of a hospital, such as the operating rooms, it is crucial that the floor has certain technical properties. Conductivity plays a central role here. Conductivity means that the floor has the ability to dissipate electrostatic charges in a controlled manner, thus minimizing the risk of sparking and subsequent fires or malfunctions of sensitive equipment. In such critical areas, it is imperative to eliminate any potential hazard.
Fortunately, dissipative 2K sealers are available. These special sealers obtain the necessary dissipative properties by adding certain additives. One minor drawback to this technology is that they are only available in dyed form. The particles required for conductivity would become visible in transparent seals, which is why manufacturers have decided against such transparent options.

The simplicity of maintenance cleaning

An outstanding advantage of the 2K sealant is its low requirement in terms of maintenance cleaning. Healthcare facilities are under constant pressure to meet their high hygiene standards. Floors are a key area in this respect. Here, a sealed floor offers significant advantages over traditional floor coatings.
Cleaning sealed floors is surprisingly easy and efficient. Whether using a mop or a scrubber-dryer, the floor can be kept clean with ease. There is no need for extensive intermediate cleaning or the use of strong chemicals. This not only saves time and resources, but also reduces wear and tear on the floor and extends its life.
In addition, the sealants ensure constant protection against contamination, which means that the floor remains hygienic even under the most intensive healthcare conditions. This minimizes risks, increases patient safety and provides staff with a safe and clean working environment.
In patient rooms, where patient comfort is paramount and hygienic demands are enormous, a sealed floor provides peace of mind. Not only is it resistant to stains and spills, but it also provides a quiet and clean environment that contributes to the patient’s recovery.


The 2K sealant represents an innovative and future-oriented solution for modern healthcare. It not only meets the demanding technical requirements of hospitals and clinics, but also offers economic benefits by reducing maintenance costs and extending the service life of floor coverings. When choosing between traditional floor coatings and modern 2K sealers, the latter offers clear advantages in terms of durability, hygiene and ease of maintenance.

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