Paper towel dispensers in restrooms: a holistic solution for building operators

Restroom facilities in public buildings and offices often reflect the general operational standards. One aspect that has gained increasing attention over the years is hand hygiene and its associated drying methods. The paper towel dispenser has established itself as one of the most popular solutions. This article sheds light on the reasons for its popularity, with a particular focus on economic and hygienic aspects.


Advantages of paper towel dispensers:

Paper towel dispensers are prevalent in modern restrooms and play a crucial role in cleanliness and hygiene. These devices are designed to continuously provide users with paper towels used to dry their hands after washing.

From a hygiene perspective, paper towel dispensers offer a clear advantage. By using disposable paper towels, the risk of germ transmission is significantly reduced. After washing their hands, the user can simply pull a towel from the dispenser, dry their hands, and dispose of the towel. Since each towel is used only once, there’s no way for germs to transfer from one person to another, as might be the case with other drying methods.

Another advantage of paper towel dispensers is their cost-effectiveness. While there are initial installation costs, ongoing expenses can often be reduced by purchasing paper in bulk. Moreover, many modern dispensers are designed to dispense a precise amount of paper, controlling consumption and minimizing waste.

In addition to hygienic and economic benefits, paper towel dispensers also provide a reliable hand-drying method. While electric hand dryers sometimes fail to completely dry hands, especially during high demand times, paper towels always deliver a consistent result. They are also less prone to technical malfunctions and generally require less maintenance than their electronic counterparts.

Furthermore, there’s a certain flexibility in designing and installing paper towel dispensers. They can be placed at various locations within a restroom, from the wall next to the sink to a central point in the room. This gives building operators the ability to design the restroom according to their specific needs and preferences.

Economic aspects:

Acquisition Costs: The market offers a wide range of paper towel dispensers, from basic models to high-end variants with sensors. While more affordable models require a smaller initial investment, pricier models often offer durable and robust materials, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Over time, these investments can lead to significant cost savings.

Consumables: Continuously purchasing paper towel rolls is inevitable. However, by wisely selecting economical dispensers and benefiting from bulk-purchase discounts, the cost-to-benefit ratio can be optimized.

Maintenance and Cleaning: Unlike electric dryers, paper towel dispensers require less technical maintenance, saving costs. Simple regular cleaning often suffices to ensure functionality.

Employee Productivity: A frequently overlooked aspect is the influence of clean and efficient restrooms on employee satisfaction and productivity. Efficient drying methods allow employees to spend less time in the restroom and quickly refocus on their tasks.

Comparison with Alternatives: When comparing the total costs of a paper towel dispenser with those of air dryers or fabric hand towels over a longer period, paper towel dispensers might be the more economical choice. Particularly, the ongoing operating and maintenance costs of electric air dryers can accumulate over the years.

Hygienic benefits:

Reduced Germ Transmission: Paper towels have the advantage of being immediately disposed of, reducing the risk of cross-contamination between users. Additionally, paper towels effectively dry hands, reducing germ transmission as germs spread more easily on wet hands.

Touchless Dispensing: Modern towel dispensers offer touchless sensors, further reducing contamination risk. Users only come into contact with the towel, not the dispenser itself.

Comparison with Air Dryers: Studies have shown that air dryers can spread germs in the air, leading to further germ contamination in restrooms. Paper towel dispensers, on the other hand, offer a controlled and cleaner hand-drying method.


Opting for paper towel dispensers in restrooms provides a holistic solution for building operators. Beyond the evident economic benefits achieved through reduced maintenance, long-term cost savings, and increased employee productivity, they also offer significant hygienic advantages. In a time when health and hygiene are paramount, it’s imperative for building operators to invest in solutions that support and promote these standards. In this regard, the paper towel dispenser proves to be an unbeatable choice.

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