Avet AG

Avet is established as a leading specialist in the professional hygiene and cleaning industry. We see ourselves not just as a supplier of cleaning products, but as a partner committed to the success of our customers. With a clear focus on quality, efficiency and sustainability, we helped companies raise their cleaning standards while making a positive contribution to environmental protection.

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Avet – The pioneer in professional hygiene and cleaning.

The company inspires with a combination of innovative products and modular, customized total solutions tailored to the needs of its customers.

Modular cleaning system

By using perfectly coordinated products, Avet integrates and improves the entire cleaning process, including all upstream and downstream operations. This guarantees not only the highest cleaning standards, but also simplified handling and increased efficiency for all users.

Revolutionary developments for efficient and sustainable work

In the dynamic world of cleaning technology, continuous development is essential. We are committed to this principle and continue to set new standards with groundbreaking innovations. The main goal here is to enable customers to work more efficiently and sustainably at the same time. One of the outstanding products in Avet’s portfolio is ClaraClean©. Developed and manufactured with a keen focus on environmental awareness, sustainability and cost-effectiveness, ClaraClean© has been awarded prestigious certificates such as the Nordic Swan, EU Ecolabel and a CO2-neutral rating.

Commitment to the environment and sustainability:

“Sustainability is the basis of success” is our credo and is lived daily. By integrating sustainability principles into all areas of the company – from product development to the disposal of discarded products – the company ensures that work is not only efficient but also environmentally compatible.

The Avet team will be happy to provide individual advice.