Suitable solution

Our platform partners offer their knowledge and products to provide customers with suitable solutions to their hygiene risks and issues. We work closely with our partners to ensure that their products meet customer needs and are tailored to specific hygiene requirements. By working closely together, customers can have a wide range of products at their disposal.


The platform is the first online hygiene product and service marketplace in Switzerland. Whether as a platform partner or as a customer, join us from the beginning and become part of our hygiene community.

Swiss Hygiene Brands

We have set the goal of uniting the entire Swiss hygiene market and thus also make smaller hygiene brands more visible. This means that the platform offers itself as a central marketplace for various hygiene products and brands. Benefit as a platform partner to present yourself to the broad public and promote your awareness in the Swiss hygiene market.

Know-how Leader

The platform unites the know-how leaders of the hygiene industry. Leading experts from different areas of hygiene such as cleanroom, surface treatment or cleaning technology share their knowledge, products and services. They offer solutions to your hygiene problems and questions. By sharing information and experience reports, they can develop innovative approaches to improve hygiene and integrate them into their respective industries.

«The platform connects the know-how leaders in the field of hygiene solutions. Knowledge, experience and products are bundled in one place and made accessible to interested parties. The balanced mix of background reports, articles with news value and product information convinced us. We are proud to be the first partner company to participate in the Hygieneforum.»

Michael Wälchli

Managing Director Market Organisation Switzerland, Wetrok AG

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