Enzler Hygiene Inc.


We take responsibility for cleanliness and hygiene in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare, medical technology and facility management. With the Enzlerh-tec label, we set standards for cleaning and hygiene services with high hygienic and regulatory requirements.

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Cleaning and hygiene are two terms that are directly interdependent. Hygiene requirements in healthcare institutions are constantly increasing and are becoming a decisive success factor for all parties involved. We at Enzler Hygiene Inc. have specialized for years in the demanding cleaning and hygiene services in hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and homes. Our comprehensive hygiene concept ensures compliance with legal requirements and hygiene regulations.

Our services:

  • Cleaning in the healthcare sector
  • Operating room cleaning
  • Cytostatics removal
  • Clean room cleaning
  • Qualification of cleanroom systems
  • Chemical and biological decontamination
  • H₂O₂ bio decontamination
  • Odor neutralization
  • Remediation of water damage
  • Hygiene consulting and hygiene monitoring

In addition, we offer your employees sound training and provide them with specialist training. Cleaning is a craft that has to be learned. In many areas, special requirements and hygienic specifications apply, which demand expertise, care and commitment from the cleaning staff. That is why we at Enzler Hygiene AG have developed specific training and courses for the basic and advanced training of cleaning staff.

Hygiene emergency
Hygiene emergency