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We offer chemical products for cleaning, care and hygiene. We also supply system solutions and services. Our customers are professional users and bulk consumers (building cleaners, retirement homes, hospitals, industrial companies, canteen kitchens and catering businesses, laundries, vehicle wash operators, etc.). Innovative and environmentally conscious thinking, the high product quality and the strong motivation of our employees allow our customers to grow continuously.

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Kiehl products have been available in Switzerland directly from the manufacturer since 1999. And the manufacturer, Johannes Kiehl KG from Odelzhausen near Munich, is itself celebrating its 120th birthday in 2024.

Our products are also special, e.g. Sanikal. An acid-free sanitary cleaner that has been on the market since the early 1980s. Sanikal has been continuously developed further. Today, Sanikal-eco is a modern, eco-labeled maintenance cleaner for daily cleaning in your sanitary facilities. Acid-free!

Of course, we are still “the ones with the dosing bottles”. And that makes us very proud. Because the dosing bottles stand for concentrates, little packaging, little transportation and overall environmentally friendly. And all this for many decades!

Our customers also appreciate the excellent service we offer in Switzerland.

Protecting the environment has long played a major role at Kiehl. The parent company in Germany has been taking back empty containers for many years. Kiehl has also been doing this in Switzerland since it was founded in 1999, which is no problem as Kiehl supplies its customers directly. Kiehl plans the tours in such a way that they are ecologically sensible and empty packaging can be taken back immediately on delivery. The empty containers are then transported to Germany in the company’s own transport system and either cleaned and refilled or professionally returned to the recycling cycle. Kiehl also has more and more bottles and canisters in its range that are made from PCR material. The bottles are made from 50% PCR material, while the five-liter canisters are made from 100% PCR material. PCR material means “post-consumer recycled”, i.e. the plastic has already been used by the consumer, collected, processed and used as the base material for the Kiehl bottles and canisters.

The revolutionary ProMop system has also been on the market since 1999. Mops and cloths are prepared or preserved with the cleaning product or disinfectant directly after washing in the machine. These textiles can then be used for cleaning or disinfection within three days.

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