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The fact that the foundation for flawless workmanship lies in training and further education also applies to cleaning and hygiene.

Hygiene requirements

Cleaning is a craft that needs to be learned. In many areas, special requirements and hygiene specifications apply that demand specialist knowledge, care and commitment from cleaning staff. This is why we at Enzler Hygiene AG have developed specific training and courses for the initial and further training of cleaning specialists.

Basic training

The mandatory basic training, which all cleaning staff attend, introduces the basics of building cleaning and clarifies the basic concepts of cleaning and hygiene. During basic training, employees are familiarized with the various cleaning methods and systems and made aware of potential hazards and work risks.

Specific training

After successfully completing their basic training, all employees and trainees are trained according to the requirements of their specific area of work. The training courses are subject-specific and modular in structure so that employees can carry out the cleaning work assigned to them properly. All training modules consist of theory and practice, with the practical part comprising at least two thirds of the training time. All training steps are systematically recorded and reviewed by us. We ensure that all employees take part in training and further training and have up-to-date specialist knowledge.


1. healthcare

For employees who carry out cleaning work in healthcare facilities.

Hospital cleaning H1: Office and wet room cleaning
Hospital cleaning H2: Patient room cleaning with wet room
Hospital cleaning H3: Isolation and disinfection cleaning
Hospital cleaning H4: Operating theater cleaning
Hospital cleaning H5: Hospital cleanroom cleaning

2. cleaning in the clean room

For employees who regularly carry out cleaning work in the cleanroom area.

Cleanroom cleaning R1: Introduction to cleanroom cleaning and GMP
Cleanroom cleaning R2: GMP class C-D
Cleanroom cleaning R3: GMP class A-B

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