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BIOCA - Natural wood floor soap

Enzler Reinigungen Inc.

The environmentally friendly floor soap made from organic sunflower oil.

NEW. Consistently sustainable.

Made in Switzerland.

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Dilute wood floor soap in a ratio of 1:40 – 1:100 with water (e.g., 50 ml wood floor soap to 5 l of water). The harder the woods, the more soap to use. Wipe the floor with a cotton cloth damply (do not use microfiber). Allow residual moisture to dry. Repeat depending on the level of dirt and location of use. Available in 2-liter containers (sufficient for approx. 200 liters of mop water). Refillable in specialized stores.

BIOCA Ingredients: Sunflower oil from controlled organic cultivation (seasonally dependent, Europe) Soap 15–30%

Cleans, soaps, and cares for oiled, soaped, and waxed wood floors as well as untreated natural stone floors, refreshing them in a natural way. The BIOCA wood floor soap is not just suitable for parquet floors: BIOCA cleans and cares for all wooden surfaces and replaces the oil refresher. Reduced ecological footprint thanks to the omission of palm and coconut oil. Vegan and 99% biodegradable after 30 days. (OECD 302B. Made in Switzerland)

Wood is a natural product. Wood has unique properties inherent to its nature, making it the ideal material for residential areas as well as for many commercial applications. Wood is durable, flexible, and functional. And that’s why it’s popular. So why not develop a care product that meets these properties – with consideration for the nature that produces it? It’s a sign of the times. Care products should have as little impact on the environment as possible, avoid non-degradable ingredients, and have a minimal ecological footprint.

Bioca is the solution. Made without palm or coconut oil. Only with local sunflower oil from organic production. Without perfume, without surfactants. This upholds the idea of sustainability even in wood care products. With the use of natural raw materials from Switzerland and its neighboring countries, Bioca sets new ecological standards in cleaning and care for both residential and commercial areas.


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