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The requirements for cleaning and hygiene are complex in their entirety and not always easy to implement in practice. Complying with legal requirements and hygiene regulations and integrating them into everyday practice can be time-consuming and cost-intensive. Our hygiene specialists have the necessary expert knowledge and support you in all cleaning and hygiene issues.

Hygiene know-how

The team of experts at Enzler Hygiene AG offers you in-depth knowledge in the fields of cleaning, hygiene, microbiology, chemistry, food and materials technology, detailed knowledge of current hygiene requirements and regulatory provisions, GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practice), FDA (Food and Drug Administration) standards and other recommendations from recognized institutions and statutory regulations. We propose the resulting hygiene measures and work with you to develop the cleaning systems and methods required for practical implementation. Our range of services is based on tried-and-tested expertise and cost-optimized processes.

Hygienic design

In environments where hygiene plays an important role, avoiding physical, chemical or microbial contamination is often a major challenge. Hygienic design encompasses all measures that ensure that parts, components, surfaces, production facilities, etc. are designed with cleaning in mind.


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