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Towel roll dispenser with sensor

Pura Hygiene

Touchless Towel Dispenser for Paper Rolls.

Automatic towel roll dispenser. Two different operating functions are possible:
Setting 1: The paper is not visible, and is automatically dispensed as soon as you hold your hand in front of the sensor.
Setting 2: A new sheet of paper is dispensed with a delay, each time you tear off a sheet.
Quick paper roll replacement (exterior winding), easy adjustment of various towel lengths between 200 to 600 mm. Settings can also be adjusted via an APP (via Bluetooth).

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Touchless Towel Dispenser (Paper)
Compact dispenser with fill level control (with App / Bluetooth)
Powered by 6 alkaline batteries (LR20) or electricity
Dimensions: H 385 x W 341 x D 218 mm
Also available in matte black upon request
For purchase or rent

Areas of Application

Universally applicable, including in public, high-traffic areas: Airports, stadiums, event halls, restaurants, universities, cinemas, hotels, spas, etc.


Paper roll, 180 m, 2-ply, made of pulp, Art. 807002
Paper roll, 100 m, 3-ply, made of pulp, Art. 807003


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