Compact walk-behind model: Increased productivity, reduced consumption

New B 50 W scrubber-dryer from Kärcher: the trailing model offers a 50 L tank, scores with a smart operating concept and has a long-lasting lithium-ion battery. Finally, numerous innovations make the B 50 W a sustainable solution that is pleasant to use for the user.

Kaercher B 50 W Application 2

With the new B 50 W scrubber dryer, Kärcher is launching a walk-behind model which, despite its compact design, offers a 50 l tank. The volume of the water tank and the associated operating range are therefore 25 per cent higher than on comparable machines. The B 50 W also stands out with a smart operating concept, which includes the adjustment of settings using the app via Bluetooth, as well as the use of a smartphone for operation during use. Furthermore, the machine has a long-lasting lithium-ion battery and innovative features such as speed-dependent dosing of water and detergent, which saves up to 50 per cent of resources.

Compact scrubber dryers like the B 50 W are used universally, from showrooms and hospitals, through to industrial warehouses. In these areas, it is important to achieve good cleaning results as quickly as possible. The clever use of installation space makes the B 50 W more compact than its predecessor and very easy to manoeuvre. The 10 l higher tank volume increases the range by 25 per cent. The walk-behind machine is available with a roller and disc brush head made from robust die-cast aluminium. They have been newly developed and offer excellent cleaning performance. The D60 double-edged brush head also increases the working width and therefore the productivity by 20 per cent. With its parabolically shaped squeegee, the B 50 W produces a better drying result than is usual in this class.

The uncluttered control panel allows for easy control of the basic machine. A smartphone can also be used as the cockpit.

A clever operating concept and smart operating options are now also a prerequisite for scrubber dryers. Since touchscreens are rather sensitive and quickly become outdated, Kärcher has opted for control via an app and smartphone for the B 50 W. The app allows you to set up custom KIK keys as well as expert settings via Bluetooth. During use, the smartphone can be used as a cockpit to keep an eye on the water level and battery status, as well as the cleaning programme, cleaning parameters or warnings. Furthermore, explanatory videos on various application scenarios are displayed, making it easier to get started with the machine. These options are complemented by the simple operation of the basic machine via the EASY operation selector switch.

Finally, numerous innovations make the B 50 W a sustainable solution that is pleasant for the user to handle. Over the product life-cycle, the long-lasting lithium-ion battery reduces resource consumption and operating costs. The optionally available quick charger shortens the charging time to two hours, which ensures flexible deployment planning. Since the improved drying result is achieved by the flow-optimized squeegee, even a weaker suction motor than that installed in the predecessor model (250 instead of 500 W) is sufficient for the B 50 W. Equally sustainable is the speed-dependent dosing of water and detergents, which reduces consumption by up to 50 per cent and further increases the range. In addition, there are many details that make the work easier: The accessories are easy to store, the smooth tank simplifies cleaning and, thanks to a larger opening, the detergent can be filled safely.

Both smooth and textured floors can be cleaned well since the machine is available with either disc or roller brushes.
The potential applications of the B 50 W range from gastronomy and hospitals or nursing homes right through to supermarkets and other areas. Thanks to the parabolically shaped squeegee, an excellent cleaning result can be achieved in a short time.
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