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Do you need a special product for cleaning desks or are existing products from the maintenance or basic cleaning sections sufficient?

If you consider the types of soiling that are mainly found on desks or writing surfaces, the question of the right cleaning method and cleaning agent automatically arises. The daily or periodic removal of dust in the course of maintenance cleaning is generally well solved and need not concern us further here.

Soiling caused by ballpoint pens, lead pens, colored pens, felt-tip pens or permanent markers cannot be easily removed by simply dusting. It is also not uncommon to find light adhesive stains caused by glue sticks. The most heavily soiled desks can be found in schools where people regularly draw and do handicrafts.

To ensure that the ink stays on the surface when writing, the alcohol-based markers also contain resins. They also contain pigments that are more difficult or impossible to dissolve in water. Colored pencils also contain pigments, fats and waxes.

When looking at the soiling, it quickly becomes clear why a commercially available surface cleaner in the concentration used does not achieve a satisfactory result.

The use of basic cleaners would be one way of removing soiling. However, commercially available basic cleaners are not suitable for use on furniture due to their composition and often high pH value.

The resins, greases and pigments to be dissolved require a special combination of active ingredients. Solvents in an aqueous surfactant solution remove greasy soiling and also non-polar pigments that are built into permanent markers.

With the desk cleaner developed for this application, such stubborn dirt can be removed easily and gently.

Products required: Desk cleaner, microfiber cloth, spray bottle  

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