Nitrile gloves or latex gloves – why nitrile is preferred

More and more customers are choosing to switch from latex to nitrile gloves when purchasing cleanroom gloves. In this article, you will learn why nitrile gloves are so popular and what complications can be caused by wearing them.


What are latex gloves?

To understand what latex gloves are, we must first clarify what latex is. Latex is a natural product obtained from the milky sap of the rubber tree. It is natural rubber or natural rubber that is biodegradable. However, latex can cause allergic reactions. For a long time, we had to accept this because latex was the only material on the market that was robust enough for use in gloves for medical, food and cleaning applications.

Today, however, there are alternative materials that are more widely available and serve as an alternative to latex gloves. Reasons for using latex gloves, even though there are alternatives, are habit, internal guidelines and comfort.

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