Professional scrubber-dryers for use in sensitive and hygienic areas

Whether laboratory operations, the manufacture of medicines or the production of microprocessors - almost everything is different in cleanroom cleaning than in classic building cleaning. Thus, the equipment and machines used here are also assigned to the corresponding cleanroom classes according to their suitability.

IPC 71 BF ES Detail1

Clean room

The 41 BF 57 RR from IPC Gansow is designed for use in cleanrooms from ISO class 5. The surfaces and tank, made of stainless steel, are smooth, abrasion-resistant and resistant to disinfectants and peracetic acid. This is important because cleaning and disinfection of the machine itself is often done with low-particle water or named chemicals. The exhaust air of the suction motor is cleaned by means of HEPA filters of filter class H13. Dirt particles that are sucked from the floor into the dirty water tank with the dirt liquor are thus not released back into the environment unfiltered. The machine has a tank capacity of 40 liters and a working width of 57 centimeters. The tiltable tank also allows quick access to the machine’s most important components, making it easier to rinse out and clean the tank.

Food industry

In the food processing industry, for example, highly aggressive cleaners are used which place the highest demands on cleaning machines. The material stainless steel stands for a high resistance to chemical influences of any kind, very high temperatures, is corrosion-free and withstands any consideration in connection with the “European Hygiene Law”. This is due to the high “natural mortality of germs” on stainless steel. Heavy soiling requires high torques in the scrubbing process. The 71 BF 72 ES + from IPC Gansow offers scrubbing performance that is otherwise only known from heavy single-disc machines.

Healthcare industry

Mechanical floor cleaning in hospitals and care facilities is subject to strict hygiene and noise protection regulations. The 51 BF 68 H from IPC Gansow has been developed precisely to comply with these regulations. The surfaces of the machine are very smooth and hygienic to keep perfectly clean. The tank is made of stainless steel (optional), ensuring not only easy cleaning but also a high mortality rate associated with the material. Low noise emissions ensure whisper-quiet unobtrusive operation of the machine. The GWS – Gansow Water Management System – guarantees responsible use of the resources employed; up to 1,200 m² can be cleaned with one tank filling.

ESD protection zones

For use in ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) protection zones, an ESD package is available for the IPC Gansow scrubber-driers. The machine’s panels and covers are made of electrically conductive plastics; the machine body is connected to the floor by an antistatic discharge strip. Air-carrying hoses are also made of electrically conductive material. This prevents static charging of the machine and thus the possibility of dust adhering to the plastic components.

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