Robots in building cleaning: a solution to the shortage of staff

It is still unusual to see unmanned scrubber dryer robots in operation. Robots have not yet become established in the cleaning industry, and people cannot often be replaced since work can only be performed manually. However, this could change soon.


Due to the growing shortage of skilled staff, it is becoming increasingly more important in many countries to reduce time-consuming activities. Cleaning robots are therefore becoming more important, especially since some models now work so autonomously that they provide great relief for certain applications. Easy handling and high safety standards ensure a wide range of applications from logistics operations to hospitals to sports gyms.

New autonomy: robots as independent workers

When considering the autonomous operation of machines, the objective is to minimise the need for human intervention. To this end, there are different approaches relating to both the actual use of cleaning robots and the supply of the machine. Models are now available that can autonomously control a docking station. They are loaded there automatically and filled with resources without the operators having to do anything. In an ideal scenario, scrubber dryer robots can clean extensively right up to the edge without the need for any additional manual work. If the machines contain high-performance software, sensors and the ability to move backwards autonomously, they can even free themselves unaided from dead ends by means of a clearance manoeuvre.

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