Sustainability concept in cleanroom cleaning

Think ahead. Advance. Leading the way. PFENNIG innovations for less CO2 consumption. Our drive is to make the cleaning process more efficient with every new development from PFENNIG. This includes, in particular, the intelligent saving of resources.

Nachhaltigkeitskonzept In Der Reinraumreinigung

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Systematic cleaning equipment that conserves resources

Bei der Wahl des passenden Equipments sind für uns drei Dinge zentral: Das verwendete Material, der CO2-Fußabdruck sowie die Möglichkeit den täglichen Ressourcenverbrauch in den Reinigungs- und Aufbereitungsprozessen zu reduzieren. Wir bei PFENNIG denken langfristig systematisch: Durch das Zusammenspiel optimal aufeinander abgestimmter Komponenten und der langen Lebensdauer unserer Reinigungssysteme ergeben sich wertvolle Einsparpotenziale.

Our sustainability concept in cleanroom cleaning

With our EasyMop and MopScoop cleaning methods, we offer particularly resource-saving and maximally safe cleaning processes in the cleanroom – without excess disinfection liquors and contamination carryover. The uniform impregnation of the mop by means of both systems enables reproducible cleaning results to be achieved. And reproducible cleaning results are achieved by uniform impregnation of the mop covers.

Cleaning textiles in the cleanroom: disposable or reusable? On the one hand, thanks to the long service life of reusable textiles, they are preferable from a sustainability point of view. On the other hand, safety and economy should be considered depending on the object and the requirements. One thing is certain: With up to 100 non-sterile and 50 sterile reprocessing cycles, our high-quality reusable mops are made for long-term use in the cleanroom.

Reusable concept
(wipe cover can be used for 100 cleaning cycles)
Disposable concept
(mop cover can be used for 1 cleaning cycle)
Weight per cover in g11050
Square meter performance of mop cover20 – 25m2ca. 10m2
Number of mops
for 1 cleaning cycle
at 100 cleaning cycles

5 pieces
5 pieces (afterwards exchange necessary)

10 pieces
1’000 pieces
In … g material
at 1 cleaning cycle
at 100 cleaning cycles

5.5 g
550 g

500 g
50’000 g
Ratio of the use of resources191
Calculation of the resource input for a 100 m² cleanroom with cleanliness class ISO 7/8. If one considers the total throughput of disposable wiping covers and the amount of waste generated in the process, a disposable concept cannot be said to be environmentally friendly.
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