vali.sys Inc.

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vali.sys Inc. is an innovative, independent and steadily growing SME headquartered in the Zurich Oberland. The company is active worldwide in the areas of cleanroom systems and industrial automation as well as a leading manufacturer of SCADA applications and monitoring systems for numerous industries.

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vali.sys Inc. is characterized by its agile and flexible order execution and has been offering certified unrestricted monitoring in the GMP and ISO area for 20 years.

In the past years vali.sys Inc. could inspire with its Swiss quality claim and high customer orientation. Well-known customers such as the “big players” in the pharmaceutical industry, renowned universities and corporations from various industries can be counted among the loyal customers.

Most recently, vali.sys Inc. reached a major milestone with the establishment of its first branch abroad (Cairo, Egypt). True to the company motto “we prove clean air”, the Swiss quality standard is to be carried far beyond the German-speaking countries.