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Fragrance dispenser "Blue"

Pura Hygiene

The device is equipped with a technique that it atomizes the liquid fragrance in a “light fragrance mist” that remains in the air for a long time. Fully programmable (via Bluetooth / app). One dispenser is enough for rooms up to about 120 m³ (volume). The fragrances do not contain propellants (propellant-free). Fragrance is distributed evenly and constantly. Very low battery consumption. The device can also be operated with electricity. Different fragrances available. The device is available with a “full service”.

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Fragrance concept for washrooms, meeting rooms, wellness areas, smoking rooms, etc.
No propellants (propellant-free)
Intelligent evaporation principle in the form of a “light fragrance mist
One dispenser is sufficient for rooms up to approx. 120 m³ (volume)
Individual scent selection possible
Dimensions: H 160 x W 148 x D 60 mm
Areas of application

Universally applicable. WC facilities, checkrooms, in corridors, meeting rooms, smoking rooms, entrance areas, foyers, training rooms, etc.


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