Vacuum sweeper KM 85/50 R Bp Pack 2SB

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Our compact and maneuverable KM 85/50 R Bp Pack ride-on vacuum sweeper is equipped with 2 side brushes, battery and charger as standard and impresses with its high area performance.

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Compact, excellently equipped, very easy to operate and also very reasonably priced: Our KM 85/50 R Bp Pack ride-on vacuum sweeper impresses in all respects. The small size of this entry-level model also makes the machine ideal for working in confined and constricted areas, while it scores highly indoors and outdoors with its high area performance and can play to its strengths with ease. Two swerving side brushes with speed regulation – one on the right and one on the left of the machine -, a large dust filter for dust-free working, a wear indicator on the main sweeping roller visible from the outside as well as a battery and charger are all included as standard. The oscillating roller does not need to be readjusted at any time and still removes dirt without leaving any residue, even on uneven floors. Maintenance work can be carried out effortlessly.

The dust filter can be conveniently cleaned from the seat and the main sweeping roller can be changed without tools. The wide-opening appliance hood allows easy access to internal components. Thanks to the integrated home base system, it is also easy to take additional cleaning utensils with you.

Integrated home base system and shelves

Practical connection for easy transportation of additional cleaning utensils.
Convenient transportation of, for example, coarse dirt tongs, brooms, cloths or containers.
Large storage area at the rear of the machine.

Wear indicator on the main sweeping roller

Easily and conveniently visible from the outside.
Precise determination of the changeover time.

Evasive side brush

Protects the side brush from damage.
Reliable and robust design.
Reduces maintenance and service costs.

Compact design for maximum maneuverability

Very good maneuverability of the machine.
Particularly suitable for confined and narrow areas.
Can drive through normal door openings (90 cm).

Speed regulation of the side brush

For adjusting the side brush speed to the respective type and amount of dirt.
Reduces possible dust turbulence.

Oscillating main sweeping roller

No wear adjustment necessary.
Excellent dirt pick-up even on uneven floors.

Simple operating concept

The sweeping roller and side brush can be conveniently switched on and off using foot pedals.
Forward and reverse travel conveniently adjustable via selector switch.
Suction flow regulation for sweeping wet surfaces.

Travel drive DC motor
Drive - Power (V/W) 24 / 1000
Drive type Electric
Max. Area coverage (m²/h) 6510
Max. Area coverage with 2 side brushes (m²/h) 6510
Working width (mm) 615
Working width with 1 side brush (mm) 850
Working width with 2 side brushes (mm) 1085
Battery capacity (Ah) 115
Battery voltage (V) 24
Battery life (h) max. 2.5
Sweepings container (l) 50
Climbing ability (%) 12
Working speed (km/h) 6
Filter area (m²) 2.1
Payload (kg) max. 90
Weight (with accessories) (kg) 269.1
Weight, ready for operation (kg) 238
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 271.1
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 1350 x 940 x 1170
Clever container concept

2 containers for easy removal and safe emptying of the sweepings. Edge-free debris containers enable residue-free emptying. Rollers on the hopper simplify handling when emptying.

Efficient filter system

Flat pleated filter made of polyester. Effective cleaning thanks to dual scraper. Convenient from the operator’s station. Tool-free access to the filter thanks to wide-opening appliance hood.

Sophisticated ergonomics for a high level of comfort at the workplace

Clear and ergonomic positioning of the controls. Driver’s seat can be adjusted without tools. Height-adjustable steering wheel.


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