Cleaning robot “Robomatic Marvin” – Wetrok launches first hybrid cleaning machine

The Swiss cleaning technology manufacturer Wetrok is launching a world first in May 2023: Robomatic Marvin - the first hybrid cleaning robot (made in Switzerland) for floor cleaning. The innovative leap: Robomatic Marvin can be used both as an autonomous robot and as a classic scrubber-dryer.

Robomatic Marvin Wetrok Produktbild

The future of cleaning is hybrid! That’s why Wetrok has developed Robomatic Marvin, a machine that is both: 100 percent cleaning robot AND 100 percent cleaning machine. A seamless entry into autonomous cleaning!


The Wetrok robot stands out visually from other market solutions: It is strikingly compact and looks like a conventional scrubber-dryer. Hybrid therefore means that cleaners can decide situationally how to use Robomatic Marvin: as a classic scrubber-dryer (manual) or as an autonomous robot (autonomous).

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