Cleaning robot “Robomatic Marvin” – Wetrok launches first hybrid cleaning machine

The Swiss cleaning technology manufacturer Wetrok is launching a world first in May 2023: Robomatic Marvin - the first hybrid cleaning robot (made in Switzerland) for floor cleaning. The innovative leap: Robomatic Marvin can be used both as an autonomous robot and as a classic scrubber-dryer.

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The future of cleaning is hybrid! That’s why Wetrok has developed Robomatic Marvin, a machine that is both: 100 percent cleaning robot AND 100 percent cleaning machine. A seamless entry into autonomous cleaning!


The Wetrok robot stands out visually from other market solutions: It is strikingly compact and looks like a conventional scrubber-dryer. Hybrid therefore means that cleaners can decide situationally how to use Robomatic Marvin: as a classic scrubber-dryer (manual) or as an autonomous robot (autonomous).

Anyone can operate the robot

Unlike fully autonomous robotic solutions, the Wetrok robot does not require any programming knowledge. This is made possible by the “Teach & Repeat” principle: the cleaner moves the robot over a floor area (Teach). The machine stores the process. In the future, Robomatic Marvin will carry out this cleaning tour autonomously (Repeat). This procedure can be applied to countless floor areas in the entire building – with only a single teach effort per area. The robot independently avoids obstacles – whether static or moving.

Counteracting staff shortages

Floor cleaning is repetitive, monotonous and ties up a lot of personnel resources – a field in which automated solutions like Robomatic Marvin can offer great relief for cost accounting and personnel. While Robomatic Marvin takes care of the floor cleaning, the staff can simultaneously devote themselves to more technically challenging activities (e.g. window cleaning, special cleaning, etc.).

Efficient cleaning of medium sized floor areas

Robomatic Marvin cleans up to 1,400 square meters per hour. This makes the robot ideal for buildings with medium-sized floor areas – such as gymnasiums, museums, shopping centers or hospitals. Its compact design also makes it suitable for cleaning narrow corridors and hallways.
With Robomatic Marvin, Wetrok has taken the image and field of application of cleaning robots in a completely new direction.

Learn more about the Robomatic Marvin: Robomatic Marvin.

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