Correct handling of dust binding mats

Proper handling of dust control mats is critical to ensure optimal protection in the cleanroom. In this article, you will learn some important aspects of adhesive foil mats in the cleanroom and how to use them correctly.

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This article explains the proper handling of dust control mats. It is recommended to use temporary adhesive foil mats in combination with a permanent dust control mat to ensure optimal protection.

A combination of dust control mats provides the optimal protection

Dust binding mats are used to prevent particles from entering the cleanroom on shoe soles or cart wheels. The temporary dust binding mats consist of several layers of adhesive film. As soon as one layer becomes soiled, it can simply be peeled off to expose a clean adhesive surface. For example, the CELOS dust control mat / adhesive foil mat is recommended for this purpose. This adhesive foil mat is available in two different colors (white and blue) and in two different sizes (460 x 1’170 mm and 660 x 1’140 mm).

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