Effortless and flexible cleaning of carpets and hard floors

With the CV 30/2 Bp, Kärcher is launching a new, battery-powered vacuum brush for professional users on the market. Whether for cleaning floors in hotels, retail or public facilities – the machine is suitable for effortless deep cleaning of carpets and hard floors in a wide variety of areas. Powered by a 36 V exchangeable battery, the cordless vacuum brush is part of the "Kärcher Battery Universe" and boasts an automatic floor identification function, a self-cleaning function which renders manual cleaning of the roller brush unnecessary, and a flat design that makes it easy to reach underneath furniture.

CV+30 2+Bp Application 2

The new CV 30/2 Bp is battery powered and easy to operate: there is no need to deal with a cable, search for an outlet or change outlets when cleaning different rooms. The cordless vacuum brush can identify the type of surface it is cleaning and adapts its suction power to the corresponding floor coverings. In this way, it enables effortless cleaning of carpets as well as hard floors. The cleaning mode can be adapted to the floor texture.

The roller brush of the CV 30/2 Bp thoroughly cleans carpet fibres and removes ingrained dirt. A surface nozzle, available as an accessory, facilitates cleaning in hard-to-reach areas and corners. Thanks to its particularly flat design, the CV 30/2 Bp also enables cleaning underneath low furniture such as shelves, sofas or beds.

The cordless vacuum brush is also available with an optional HEPA 14 filter. This aspect is particularly important for facilities such as hotels or retirement homes, as these need to meet particularly stringent cleaning standards. An indicator lights informs users when the filter is full and needs to be replaced. The battery with integrated Real Time Technology offers a particularly high level of user convenience, as the remaining running time is shown on the machine display. If large areas need to be cleaned, an exchangeable battery can be inserted to extend the cleaning application to the needed duration. Users no longer need to manually clean the brush after using the CV 30/2 Bp; additional cleaning tools are therefore not necessary. Thanks to a foot-operated switch, the machine automatically separates hairs caught in the brush and suctions them in.

Thanks to new functions, for example the automatic floor identification function, the new cordless vacuum brush cleans even more efficiently.

Kärcher Battery Universe

The “Kärcher Battery Universe” includes two battery platforms with a continuously growing number of machines ranging from high-pressure cleaners to leaf blowers through to multipurpose vacuum cleaners. Both the compact 18 V batteries and the powerful 36 V batteries are available in different capacities in order to cover a wide range of applications. Special feature: the batteries are fully compatible with all Kärcher machines of the same voltage class, whether they belong to Home & Garden or the Professional range. A unique selling point of all Kärcher batteries is the LCD display with Real Time Technology, which also accurately displays the remaining running time and charging time in minutes in addition to the remaining battery capacity. The housing of the batteries is very shock-resistant and protected against dust and spray water in accordance with protection class IPX5. Thanks to efficient temperature management, the batteries deliver optimal performance even in intensive applications. Intelligent cell monitoring protects against overloading, overheating and deep discharge. If a machine is not operated for an extended period, the Battery Power battery’s processor-controlled automatic storage mode ensures that the cells have a long lifetime.

CV 30/2 Bp
Power input420 W
Battery running time Power mode
(with Battery Power 36/60)
32 min.
(50 min in eco!efficiency mode)
Air flow rate34 l/s
Container capacity3 l
Noise level64 dB(A)
Weight without accessories6.5 kg
Working width244 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)260 x 310 x 1150 mm
Battery charging time68 min (44 min 80%)
Max. vacuum187 mbar
The new CV 30/2 Bp from Kärcher is particularly easy to operate: with no cable, a floor identification function and a self-cleaning brush, the machine makes cleaning applications easy for users.
The display, which shows the remaining battery life among other information, makes cleaning even more convenient.
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