Hygiene monitoring: The agony of making the right choice!

Hygiene monitoring refers to the systematic monitoring of measures aimed at preserving health. This practice is applied in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, cosmetics, and food production. Additionally, it is employed in settings like hospitals, pharmacies, commercial kitchens, and other areas with high hygienic requirements to oversee the hygiene of employees, products, and processes.

Hygiene Monitoring


Hygiene monitoring is the simplified term for the general monitoring of measures taken to maintain health. This is especially true with regard to various microbiological contaminations, which can lead to direct and indirect infectious diseases, chronic diseases of various kinds, allergic reactions as well as epidemics.

Microbiological hygiene controls of various clean rooms, such as in pharmaceutical production, in operating theaters and quarantine rooms, in food production, in public areas and other hygienically sensitive areas, serve to prove the quality of one’s own hygiene management with tangible data through regular monitoring and to correct it if necessary.

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