More precision, better hygiene: the new Synchro PRO mop holder generation

In the world of cleaning technology, the Synchro PRO series from PFENNIG sets new standards to raise precision and hygiene to an unprecedented level. These next-gen mop holders impress with an innovative locking mechanism and a feather-light, hygienic design.

Mopphalter Clino Synchro Pro

The Synchro PRO series from PFENNIG sets new standards in the world of mop holder technology by combining greater precision and improved hygiene in an innovative design. This next generation of mop holders is not only suitable for use in cleanrooms, but can also be used in buildings and in the healthcare sector.

Touch-free opening & new locking mechanism

The heart of this ground-breaking series is the touch-free opening mechanism, which allows the mop holder to be opened directly on the trolley. This is not only convenient, but also extremely hygienic, as it minimizes the transfer of germs. The system meets the strict requirements of DIN 13063 and can also be opened in the traditional way, for example with the foot.

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