The daily routine of OR cleaning – a case study from the praxis

The daily routine of a cleaner, responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of an operating room, is crucial for patient safety and the smooth progression of surgical procedures.


After the first surgical procedure of the day is completed, our specialized task as the OR cleaning team begins. While the next patient is already being prepared in their room, we gear up for the thorough cleaning and disinfection of the operating room.

Our cleaning cart is equipped with highly specialized cleaning and disinfection products, and each tool is sterile and free from microorganisms. Before entering the OR, we undergo a rigorous admission procedure where we don protective clothing to minimize any contamination risks.

The cleaning procedure in the operating room must be methodical and precise. Every step is coordinated to ensure the sterile environment of the room. Our experienced teams work in synchronized movements, each motion aimed at efficiently and safely completing the cleaning.

Key steps in OR cleaning

The steps are as follows:

  1. New pairs of gloves and fresh masks are worn before cleaning.
  2. Collection and disposal of surgical waste and used linens.
  3. Disinfection of surgical lights, movable equipment, and other relevant surfaces. Blood splatters or other contaminants are treated with special attention.
  4. Walls and floors are disinfected as needed and as directed by the medical staff.
  5. Surgical linens and waste are properly managed.
  6. Upon completion of the cleaning procedures, the OR is set up again and prepared for the next surgery.

The quality of OR cleaning lies in the precise coordination and expertise of the team.

Isolation cleaning comes into play when pathogens are released during surgery. This special cleaning procedure involves heightened precautions, and the team is equipped with additional protective gear.

Adherence to safety and hygiene standards is essential. Our work goes beyond mere cleaning; it protects both patients and medical personnel. Effective hygiene management requires collaboration from all involved and ongoing training in the latest techniques and standards.

Training for the OR cleaning team

The goal of the training is to impart expertise and precision crucial for the effective cleaning and disinfection of operating rooms. These skills are necessary to ensure the safety of patients, medical staff, and the cleaning personnel and to minimize potential health risks.

Training content

  1. Introduction to the OR:
    • Importance and role of the cleaning team in the surgical environment
    • Challenges and specifics of OR cleaning
  2. Preparation and admission procedures:
    • Selection and proper wearing of protective clothing
    • Sterility and importance of microorganism-free cleaning equipment
  3. Precise cleaning procedures:
    • Step-by-step guide to systematic cleaning and disinfection of ORs
    • Special procedures for blood splatters and other contaminants
    • Proper handling and disposal of surgical waste and used linens
  4. Isolation cleaning:
    • Identification and handling of pathogens
    • Special protective measures and heightened precautions for specialized cleanings
  5. Safety and hygiene standards:
    • Importance of adhering to safety protocols
    • Effective hygiene management and collaboration with medical staff
  6. Communication and teamwork:
    • Synchronized working techniques for efficient cleaning processes
    • Appreciation and collaborative teamwork between different professional groups in the hospital
  7. Practical exercises:
    • Simulated cleaning scenarios in a training OR
    • Feedback and continuous improvement through experienced trainers

Key aspects of training

The training covers several key aspects that are of paramount importance in the cleaning and disinfection of operating rooms in the medical environment. One of the main goals is to impart a profound understanding of the critical importance of sterile environments in the medical context. This understanding forms the basis for expertise developed in the following areas.

Another focus of the training is on the proper application of cleaning and disinfecting agents. Here, the correct techniques and products are taught to ensure optimal cleanliness and germ-freeness in operating rooms.

Moreover, precision and systematicity in executing cleaning procedures are particularly emphasized. This is crucial to ensure that no area is overlooked and all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

The training also sensitizes participants to the special requirements and risks associated with cleaning operating rooms. This includes potential health risks that must be avoided, as well as the importance of adhering to guidelines and regulations.

Another essential aspect is emphasizing the importance of teamwork and effective communication with medical staff. Through good coordination and interaction, patients, medical staff, and the cleaning team can all be protected equally to ensure that the operating room is always in a hygienically impeccable condition.

Ongoing further Education

To ensure that all team members are always up to date with the latest techniques and standards, regular refresher courses and further training are essential. These educational measures are of great importance as they ensure that the team continuously updates and expands its knowledge and skills in cleaning and disinfecting operating rooms. This is crucial to ensure the highest hygiene standards, protect patient health, and secure the quality of medical care. In addition, regular training also contributes to increasing the efficiency and safety of the cleaning team by conveying current best practices and ensuring that all team members are well prepared and informed.

Are you interested in training for cleaning in the healthcare sector?

Find out more about our current course offerings here. We also offer company-specific training tailored to your needs upon request. Please contact us at schulung@enzlerh-tec.com.

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