Pad sponges & hand pads: which product for which application?

Pad sponges and pads are ideal for thorough and time-saving removal of very stubborn dirt. In this article you will find three golden hygiene rules for the use of pad sponges & pads, an overview of the areas of application and a free method guide.

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Compared to microfiber cloths, pad sponges offer numerous advantages: They are more absorbent, and thus ideal for cleaning situations where a lot of water or cleaning solution is needed. In addition, pad sponges & pads remove stubborn dirt (e.g. greasy encrustations or heavy lime deposits) in less time and more thoroughly than microfiber cloths.

Should you now replace microfiber cloths with pad sponges & pads? No! Both have different applications. Pad sponge, pad and microfiber cloth do not compete with each other, but complement each other.

However, you should follow three hygiene rules when using pad sponges and pads:

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